Winter Test for Korean Government Case Study

Winter Test KoreaThe Korean Government requested ex-situ treatment of diesel contaminated soil during a winter contest. 20 companies participated in the contest to demonstrate effectiveness of their bioremediation products. Each company treated 50 cubic meters inside a vinyl greenhouse from December, 2010 to January, 2011. Initial TPH Diesel concentrations averaged 970 ppm. The goal was to reduce the TPH Diesel concentration to less than 500 ppm in 1 month.

BioWorld provided bioremediation products, and project management services. Bioremediation Enhancer and Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes were added several times to the soil. Due to the cold outside air temperatures (-14ºC to 14ºC), the contaminated soil was heated and hot water was added. After 1 month, the TPH Diesel concentration was reduced to 370 ppm, a 62% reduction. BioWorld achieved the best results out of the 20 companies.


BioWorld Products used:

  • 75064 Bioremediation Enhancer
  • 32055 Hydrocarbon Digester Microbes
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