BioWorld USA Company Profile

BioWorld USA’s mission is to solve environmental challenges worldwide using proven natural products and equipment along with friendly service.

Our portfolio of natural biotechnology formulated products includes Odor Neutralizers and Foggers, Algae Treatment, Septic and Wastewater Treatment, Hydrocarbon Treatment, Dog Gone It – The Pet Beverage and Micro Enhancer Plus.

BioWorld USA’s international headquarters is located in Tulare County, California, one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world.

Our presence extends around the globe with products and equipment being purchased and distributed in dozens of countries.

In 2008, BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment was listed on the EPA NCP Product Schedule and licensed by the State of California as an oil spill cleanup agent.

In 2016, Micro Enhancer Plus, an agricultural soil and crop enhancer, was added to our product mix. Recently, BioWorld USA acquired BioWorld Products and incorporated their technology into our product and service offerings.

We look forward to interacting with many of you as we build on a successful past and move forward into the future.