I’d like to thank the people at BioWorld for their septic treatment product. I have been using it for more than 15 years with good success. Thank you for a great product.

Ian P - California - May 2019

I just had to write to tell you how extremely happy my husband and I are with your septic treatment. We sold our house and had the septic tank inspected today. We have NOT HAD the septic tank pumped for several years (I’m thinking 3-4). We used to have it pumped when we could tell by the slowness and sounds it made, at least every 2 years. My husband showed the inspector what we use. He said, “this system does NOT need pumping.” I will write it on the report and my report overrides the county. Using your product faithfully around the first of every month has saved us several hundreds of dollars. The community we are moving to has sewer system, so we won’t need your product. But I will notify the new owners, AND I am going to tell my kids about it. I am so glad to know about your company. Thank you!

Janet F - Michigan - April 2019

I have been using BioWorld Liquid Optimizer and Microbes for many years and have never had to have my septic tank pumped.

I have been putting them in my kitchen drain all this time. This month I put them into a different drain that has been sluggish for quite a while. That drain is now running better than it ever has!

Thank you BioWorld!

Fred C - Vermont - March 2019

I have used BioWorld for 2 years now.  It has totally cleared up one of my systems and I highly recommend this product over the others which I have tried.  There is no comparison to the favorable results I have experienced.

Allan S - Tennessee - March 2018

I have been using this product for several years. Before I was introduced to it I had septic issues.  When they pumped my tank they wrote it up for being loaded with solids.  Found out about this product and use it monthly. My last pumping the tech wrote up the tank stating it was in great condition.  Prior to buying this product I used RidEx and it never made a change in my tank.

W. P. – New Hampshire – November 2017

I’ve been using the Septic Treatment product for over 3 years now. I’ve tried other products in the past with poor results. When used as instructed, this product practically eliminated our odor issue with our 1000 gallon septic system.

D.G – Colorado – March 2017
I love this product. My septic tank hasn’t had any problems. I tell all my friends who have septic tanks how good this product is.
Philip R - New York - May, 2016
BioWorld is the best odor treatment that I have used. Before using it, we had offensive odors with our septic tank. Thank you for doing away with that worry.
Deborah P - Pennsylvania - February, 2016

Before we sold our acreage, we had to have the septic tank pumped as part of the sale. The pumper asked me when we had it done last. When I told him 7 years ago, he just about fell out of his truck and advised me that we would have to pay extra due to the additional waste loading. After he was done pumping, I asked him how it went. He said there were very little solids in the tank which he could not understand. Then I told him I was using BioWorld Septic/Odor Treatment.

Ben O - Alberta, Canada - May, 2016

I have been using BioWorld’s septic product for approximately 2 years now and have been very pleased with the results. I was having my tank pumped every year and that is no longer the case. I removed the lid on my tank (at year 2) and it was operating normally, no backup at the discharge pipe inside tank. Wonderful product, works as they claim. I would recommend it to anyone.

Chris P - South Carolina - October, 2015
I am extremely pleased with the product AND customer service. Had a tiny problem ordering. Got very prompt help. Thank you! I also especially like receiving the monthly reminder to use the product.
Janet F - Michigan - July, 2015

No More Odors and Fast Delivery

We have a slow septic system and had been experiencing strong odors from time to time. We were lucky enough to find BioWorld Products a few years ago and have had no espisodes of odors with regular use. The Septic Treatment is a safe and cost effective way to keep your septic system freely operating. Also, shipping is quite fast.

Deborah - February, 2015
BioWorld Septic works great. I’ve been using this product for a couple of years and have had no problems with the system nor any smell.
Glenn S - Massachusetts - February, 2015

Pleased With The Product!

I have been treating my septic tank the first of every month for the past 10 years and have never had a problem with the system. By treating monthly, I don’t expect to have any backups, only clean flushes. I am really pleased with this product!

M.C. - Kentucky - May, 2015

15 Year Customer

Have been using your septic product for more than 15 years now I think. In that time I have not had a problem with my tank. Also I have not had my tank serviced or pumped out during that same period. To say I am a happy customer would certainly be the case.

I.P. - California - September, 2014

Doing the Job

It seems to be doing the job! I have not had any problems since using.

R.F. - Wisconsin - July, 2014

Best Treatment

This is the best septic treatment I ever used to date.

D.C. - Mississippi - June, 2014

Recommends BioWorld

Have been using BioWorld Products for over 5 years including septic products, animal products, odor products all with excellent results – have recommended many times to many friends and neighbors.

C.M. - Massachusetts - June, 2014

No Issues

Had problems with my septic system for years. Started using BioWorld products and haven’t had any issue since.

L.B - South Carolina - April, 2014

Monthly Reminder

I really appreciate your monthly reminder. It helps keep our system going. Have never had to pump out and have lived here for 30 years.

C.L.- Florida - January, 2014

Great Product!

I have owned my home for the last 11 years and havent had to pump my septic tank a single time. Thanks for making such a great product! Easy to use and great customer service!

O.S. - Florida - April, 2014 - Customer since 2007

Septic Pumper Amazed!

I just had our tank pumped and the septic man wondered what I was doing to my system…it was very clean not much in the way of solids.  I told him I treat the system every month with BioWorld Septic Treatment….he stated “keep doing what your doing and I’ll see you in five years!”

M.D. - Vermont - June 2012

No Septic Problems!

I have used BioWorld Septic Treatment for a number of years. My brother and I have our homes built one year apart next to each other. We both have four people living in our homes and the demands on our septic systems are very similar. I have never had to pump my system or had any problems in the least. He has had numerous problems and has had his system pumped twice. His home is fifteen years old, mine fourteen. Needless to say after the second time with septic problems he began to use BioWorld Septic Treatment and has not had any problems for the last three years. I think he is now a believer!

P.L. - California - Customer since 1999 - June 2009

BioWorld Septic Treatment works Extremely Well!

I have used BioWorld septic treatment in my septic system for several years now and feel it has worked extremely well as I have not had any problems with the system. The last time I had the system pumped, they told me that whatever I was using was doing well and suggested a repeat pumping in 7 years!

M.T. - New York - Customer since 2006 May 2009Sonora, Mexico

Haven’t pumped for over 15 years!

I have used the BioWorld Septic Treatment for over 15 years. Prior to using the BioWorld product, I was having lots of problems with my septic system. Since I have been using the BioWorld Septic Treatment, I have no problems with my system and have never had to have it pumped!

G.K. - California - Customer since 1993 January 2009

Saved me a lot of Money!

“The BioWorld Wastewater product works great! It has saved me a lot of money by having to pump less or not at all. The water coming from the leach field is very clear!”

R.C. - California - Mobile Village Customer

Slow Septic System and Backup – No longer a problem!

I was having my system pumped once per year due to a slow system and backup. I have been using the BioWorld Septic Treatment Product for 7 years and have not needed to call the expensive pumping service.

In fact, I am so curious about the system, I want to open it up and see it in action.

A.R. - 600 Acre Fruit Tree Owner

Never seen a Septic System so Active

We had been using the BioWorld Septic Treatment for 2 years. One day, our drains began to backup so I called the pumper truck out. The driver opened the top of our tank and was astonished with what he saw

“I have been in the pumping business for 22 years and have never seen a system so active as this one.”

The pumper snaked out the ranch house lines and found that a toothbrush was accidentally flushed by one of our grandkids.

I have 8 family members now using the BioWorld Product in their home and business systems.

S.N. - 400 Acre Vineyard Owner

Septic Treatment works great for Business

Our business is outside the city and we have restroom facilities for about 50 workers. The septic system would need pumping each month at a cost of $230. We have been using the BioWorld Product for 5 years at a cost of $60 per month and have not needed the pumping service at our facility. We are pleased with BioWorld Septic Tank Treatment Product and the cost savings.

RCG - Plant Manager

Pleased with the Performance!

We have been very pleased with the performance of your 14-month supply Septic Tank Treatment products. We are so please we are ordering again!

C.R. - Florida

It’s Been A While

Thank you — Been some time now since we have had any problems with our septic tank. I will do some local advertizing of your products to neighbors.

Clint - California - January, 2012 - Customer Since 2008