“I can see Bottom of Pond Clearly”

So far, so good. I am satisfied with what I am seeing so far. It appears that we are at least a week ahead of schedule with the progress based on what you told me to be aware of. I currently am only putting the treatment directly in the main pond, not into the filters or the small holding basin above the waterfall.

The first week the floating algae decreased somewhat, but the overall clarity of the water also decreased. I could only see the fish well in the shallow (1-2 foot) water or swimming near the top. I was a little concerned but kept in mind you stated that it would take at least 3 weeks for water clarity to improve.

The second week was a big difference. The floating stuff was gone and I could see the bottom of the pond clearly in the 2-3 foot water. I could also see the fish much better everywhere in the pond.

Long Term Use with Fantastic Results

September 21, 2006 – After one month of using a liquid form from another manufacturer we switched to your BioWorld product. The liquid form worked well, however, was not easily applied as it necessitated the use of a boat and drag hose to apply to the bottom part of the lake. We continued to use your product until late August with good success. We will be ordering more in March when the algae season starts back up.

March 20, 2007 – We were pleased with the results of the BioWorld product last year. It seemed to do the job on the algae very well.

May 19, 2008 – The BioWorld Algae product is working great, we have combined the BioWorld product usage with Sonar to control pond weeds and the combination of the two products is working fantastic, we have very little algae problems compared to almost solid algae on top when we first started with the BioWorld Algae Treatment.

BioWorld Algae Control Treatment Works

To: BioWorld Products
(Translation of Client Comments)

With this letter we would like to salute you and express our satisfaction for the positive results that we have accomplished in our water reservoir with the periodic application of the BioWorld Algae Control products and Inhibitors.

The most noticeable results were the following: the superficial layer of algae was eliminated, we stopped the manual cleaning procedure, the water became clearer, and the offensive odors were eliminated. The frequency in the washing and cleaning of the filters was reduced, and the contamination of the valves was eliminated. None of the products previously utilized such as: Copper Sulfate, Copper Nitrate, Sulfuric Acid, and Sodium Hydrochloride gave us good results.

Due to our semi-desert conditions, the reservoir is a necessity to irrigate our vineyards; maintaining it clean has been our priority and together, we are doing it.

“Thanks for Such a Great Product”

We received your product Friday and dispensed it on Sunday. It is Monday evening and I just took a drive around our lake and was so impressed with what I saw. More than half of the algae is gone!!! I can’t believe how fast it worked. At this rate the algae will be gone by next week. I had to let you know how happy we are that this is working so well. Thanks for such a great product.

“Fantastic Results”

It has been a pleasure working with you. We have had some fantastic results this year in slow moving water for the irrigation district. The results have been truly amazing.

Hi BioWorld USA – Just to let you know I no longer have the pond. I recently sold my house and moved out of town. I believe that the land that the pond belongs to was also sold and a developer was going to build on it so the pond would be his responsibility. I have no idea what his plans are. 

Thank you for your services in the past years. The products worked well for me. In fact I will miss that pond for a long time to come. All the best!