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BioWorld Algae Treatment is a safe and natural product that has been used in irrigation and recreational water for over two decades. You can initiate treatments at the first signs of algae formation each year for the lowest overall cost. Or treat after algae has overwhelmed your water and have clear water in several weeks to a couple of months.

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Evaluating Ponds and Algae

Algae are primitive plants which live and grow on water nutrients and sunlight. There are primarily two types of algae most people deal with:

  • Filamentous, stringy, mat-type algae commonly referred to as pond scum or pond moss; and
  • Planktonic, green water type algae commonly referred to as pea soup

Don’t confuse watermeal, duckweed, milfoil or rooted plants with algae. Since these higher forms of plant life have different cell wall structures than algae, our technology will not work on them.

BioWorld Algae Treatment is nearly 100% successful on filamentous algae and 75% successful on planktonic algae as long as enough BioWorld is consistently used, treatments are started soon enough and treatments are done correctly.

How it Works and What to Expect

BioWorld Algae Treatment efficiently metabolizes certain forms of nitrogen and phosphorus in fresh water systems – essentially robbing these major nutrients from simple plant life without affecting the desired plants and animals in the water. BioWorld recommends treating a fresh water pond, lake, or irrigation system with BioWorld Algae Treatment on a weekly basis. When the algae is under control, both the rates and frequency of treatments can be decreased.

Our Algae Treatment is the long term solution to balancing the ecosystem in your pond, lake, or water feature. BioWorld is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-pathogenic.


Eliminate Algae with BioWorld Algae Treatment

In 4 to 6 weeks, discoloration and thinning of the algae is apparent, digestion of organic matter is underway and the water clarity improves. This is caused by the weakening and rupturing algae cell walls from the lack of the key, algae-specific nutrients needed for algae to survive. The green or golden algae cells will turn brown and either float to the surface, stay suspended in the water, or sink to the bottom of the water column.

Central-Lake-2_0Degrade Dead Algae and Other Debris

At this point, other components of the BioWorld technology consume or degrade the cell residues and clear the debris, including dead algae, leaves, grass, and other organic material, throughout the water. The result is beautifully clear water, free from any visible algae. Once the pond, lake or water feature is safely cleared of algae, fish populations and other wildlife will flourish and enjoy clear, balanced water.


Beautifully Clear Water Can Be Yours

Our clients, who are willing to invest to have a nice pond, lake, or water feature, are extremely pleased with the results of our safe and natural treatment products. Once the ecosystem comes into balance, annual product costs are usually less in subsequent years. There are residual and cumulative effects in BioWorld treated water.

Benefits of BioWorld

Value Added Service

BioWorld staff provides a customized evaluation and designs a specific treatment plan for your situation. We monitor the progress of treatments and guide you through the various stages of algae control. This gives you what you deserve – outstanding customer follow up.

Environmentally Safe and Natural

BioWorld Algae Control products have safely been used in irrigation and recreational water for over two decades. The unique treatment method used by BioWorld is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-pathogenic.

Fish and Wildlife Will Flourish

Algae forms due to excess nutrients and longer daylight hours. This can decrease oxygen levels and adversely affect fish. BioWorld breaks through this common scenario and creates a better habitat. Fish and wildlife are completely unharmed where BioWorld is used, even when large amounts are applied.

Swim or Irrigate With Confidence

Since BioWorld is a completely safe, green product, you can swim in your pond or irrigate crops from your reservoir with confidence. There are no short term or long term effects when using BioWorld.

Improve the Long-Term Health of Your Pond

BioWorld is the green alternative to harsh chemicals for planktonic or filamentous algae. Over time, the biotechnology processes become an effective deterrent to algae formation. BioWorld creates a long term solution to balance your pond ecosystem.

Improved Water Clarity

Chemical treatments kill algae leaving behind organic residue. This residue along with decaying leaves, sludge and other debris continue to provide nutrients for more algae growth. BioWorld causes the algae to starve and simultaneously digests the organic debris. The result is beautifully clear water free from unsightly algae.

Easy to Apply

Our 2-part product is very easy to apply. General application is 2 gallons Liquid Optimizer and 2 x 1/2 lb units Algae Microbes per surface half acre per week. Simply add the dry microbes to warm water prior to use. Apply the Optimizer to the pond surface followed by the rehydrated microbe solution. To use an analogy, we set the table and then invite the guests.

A Few of Our Satisfied Customers


Scientific Approach Providing Environmentally-Safe Solutions

Our research scientists are specialists in chemistry, biology, and microbiology. We can tell you about our technology and why it is superior to barley straw algae control, copper sulfate algae control, or other harsh chemicals for algae control or aeration used for algae control.


BioWorld Algae Treatment is a powerful and safe package as a 2-part unit product (liquid and dry) consisting of the following:

  1. Bioenhancement – Liquid Optimizer formulation which maximizes the ability of microbes to reproduce and thrive in a water system; and
  2. Bioaugmentation – Algae Competitor Microbes which out compete algae for available nutrients and digest organic debris in the water.

Both components are concentrated to the fullest extent possible.

With Bioworld’s technology, you can enjoy beautiful clear water. Our algae treatment will establish a natural condition in the water that is safe for humans, animals and plants.

Technical Documents

BioWorld Algae Microbes SDS Spec Sheet
BioWorld Liquid Optimizer SDS

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