Algae Control for Irrigation Canals and Reservoirs

BioWorld Algae Control Treatment Works

To: BioWorld Products
(Translation of Client Comments)

With this letter we would like to salute you and express our satisfaction for the positive results that we have accomplished in our water reservoir with the periodic application of the BioWorld Algae Control products and Inhibitors.

The most noticeable results were the following: the superficial layer of algae was eliminated, we stopped the manual cleaning procedure, the water became clearer, and the offensive odors were eliminated. The frequency in the washing and cleaning of the filters was reduced, and the contamination of the valves was eliminated. None of the products previously utilized such as: Copper Sulfate, Copper Nitrate, Sulfuric Acid, and Sodium Hydrochloride gave us good results.

Due to our semi-desert conditions, the reservoir is a necessity to irrigate our vineyards; maintaining it clean has been our priority and together, we are doing it.

Ing. MC. Jorge Avalos Manzo
Agricola Batiz
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

California Irrigation Canals and Municipal Water District Canals

Algae control in irrigation canals and municipal water canals has been a challenge ever since the first canals were built in the 2nd and 3rd century A.D. Man has attempted to tame the water but algae control has been a problem in canals, lakes, ponds, streams and other water systems for many centuries. Copper sulfate, chlorine, other harsh chemicals and labor intensive mechanical removal are presently used as algae control methods.

“There is a Better Way” to have clear water – BioWorld Extra-Clear Water Treatment Products are available for the largest canals on earth in California and other regions of the world.

Proven technology – Keep your water flowing. Filamentous algae can clog filters and pumps. Use BioWorld Extra-Clear Water Treatment, the environmentally safe and natural approach.

BioWorld Extra-Clear Water Treatment has been safely used in irrigation water, lakes, farming ponds, hydroelectric waterways, nuclear power plant cooling water, aquaculture, golf course and park ponds for over 10 years.

Proven 100% Successful with Adequate Treatments for conditions.


  • Environmentally safe and natural treatment
  • Easy to apply – no protective clothing required
  • Water can safely be used for irrigating crops
  • Long-term solution for a balanced water ecosystem
  • Creates clear water
  • Better ecosystem for fish and wildlife
  • Lower cost than harsh chemicals over several years
  • Will maintain the life of irrigation equipment
  • Does not corrode pipes or breakdown concrete
  • Helps degrade organic debris

What It Is

A 2-pronged approach of BioWorld Liquid Optimizer and Extra-Clear Water Treatment Microbes combined in the canal will create a very efficient balance of nutrients and decompose debris to clear the water

What To Observe

  • Clearing cycles may change as the water is balanced
  • Organic debris may surface and will be digested
  • Water becomes clearer with fish more visible
  • Odors will be minimized or eliminated
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