Odor Remover for Home and Office

Natural Odor Remover for your Toughest Odors

Safe enough to use on Pets!


BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) is a liquid formula that eliminates offensive odors on contact. While many products only mask odors with fragrances, BioWorld Odor Neutralizer neutralizes unpleasant odors, making them undetectable to our sense of smell.

Get Rid of Odors the Natural Way

BioWorld Odor Control uses a combination of the best available product formulations and equipment to eliminate any odor such as skunk, smoke, pet and any other odors! All products are easy to use, biodegradable and eco friendly.

Odor Neutralizer

BON Commercial Concentrate can be added directly to paint, laundry or carpet shampooers, or diluted and used in foggers, wash water, spray bottles or bath water. BioWorld has a variety of handheld foggers available to treat airborne odors.

Skunk Odor Neutralizer

Skunk Odor Neutralizer (SON) is a liquid formulation that eliminates skunk odors at the source. While many products only mask odors with strong scents, Skunk Odor Neutralizer actually neutralizes unpleasant odors making them undetectable to our sense of smell. *If skunk odor is in the home, it is best used with a cool mist fogger (rental available).* SON is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-pathogenic. Must be diluted before use. 12 ounces per gallon of water. Mix with distilled or purified water for best results. Add to laundry for dog bedding, towels, and clothes that have the skunk smell. Don’t throw away anymore clothes! Add 2 ounces per load. Carpet or Hard Floors – 12 ounces per gallon carpet shampooer or mop water. Can be added to a carpet shampooer! Most effective when applied with a fogger (Also available from BioWorld).

Odor Neutralizer

BON Ready-To-Use is our diluted formula with 50% BON and 50% distilled water. Can be sprayed directly onto any water safe surface! Great for diaper pails, bathrooms, shoe odors and trash cans! Can also be sprayed directly on pets in between baths or sprayed around kitty litter boxes. Try Dog Gone It in your pet’s water or food to balance their digestive system and help control odors.

Optimizer Plus

Optimizer Plus is a bioenhancement liquid with added odor neutralizers. Optimizer Plus gets rid of stubborn and persistent odors by accelerating natural degradation processes. Diluted Optimizer Plus can be sprayed directly onto organic matter as follows:

  • With a pump sprayer, spray directly onto attic or foundation where animals have made nesting areas.
  • Spray on concrete and dog run areas to control odors where animals are housed. Keep the areas moist for better results.
  • Where animals have died, remove the carcass and spray directly onto remaining organic matter to degrade substances more rapidly and eliminate odors.
  • Apply to horse stables, poultry, hog and dairy facilities to control odors, reduce flies and prevent complaints from neighbors.

5 Reasons to Use a Fogger


  • Easy and Effective Application with Fogging
  • Hard to reach areas – Walk around and fog all areas including fogging into the HVAC intake with the filter removed and fan on.
  • Fine mist floats in the air longer to eliminate odors. Gets into all the nooks and crannies!
  • 20 – 30 foot fog of micron size droplets gets into crawl spaces, under foundations and into hard to reach spots.
  • Time saver! Complete coverage in less time.

30-Day Rental fogger also available!

Environmentally Safe Odor Eliminator

Optimizer Plus, Odor Neutralizer and Skunk Odor Neutralizer are eco friendly, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-pathogenic.

Odor Remover for Households – Advantages

Value Added Service

Whether you are ordering several pallets or a liter, BioWorld staff values you as a customer! Are you unsure how to apply the product? Give us a call or send us an email and we will work with you until your odor issue is resolved. This gives you what you deserve – actual human interaction!

Not a Masking Fragrance

BON is not a masking fragrance that covers up one smell with a stronger smell. It encapsulates volatile odor molecules, neutralizes unpleasant odors and makes them undetectable to your sense of smell – whether urine, skunk, smoke, pet, trash, paint or virtually any other odor.

Versatile and Easy to Apply

Our odor control products are versatile and easy to apply. Dilute with water and spray apply directly onto odor areas or use a fogger for hard to reach areas and get complete coverage.

30-Day Rental fogger also available!

Why Should You Use Skunk Odor Neutralizer?

  1. 100%  Safe to use on pets and around your home! No gloves or masks needed.
  2. Versatile: Use directly on your pet, laundry, furniture, carpet, vehicle or anywhere outside your home!
  3. It’s a true Odor Neutralizer, not a masking agent! It clings to odor molecules and eliminates odors.
  4. Concentrated! 1 liter makes up 3 gallons of dilute solution.
  5. It doesn’t stink! Some odor neutralizers leave an unpleasant smell. Our Odor Neutralizer has a slight mint scent which goes away shortly after it is applied!
  6. It doesn’t change the color of your pet’s fur (like peroxide or tomato juice can)!
  7. Environmentally Friendly! Plant-based natural formulation made in the USA.
  8. Call us! We have spent hours on the phone with our customers. We don’t rush you. We stay connected with you until all your questions and concerns are addressed!
  9. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Tips for Removing Skunk Smell
Also try…

BioWorld Optimizer Plus – Best used where an animal has lived or died to help degrade organic matter (feces, birthing fluids, or skunk oil from a direct hit). Diluted Optimizer Plus can be sprayed directly onto organic matter to degrade organic substances more rapidly than natural decomposition. It gets rid of stubborn and persistent odors by accelerating natural degradation processes.

  • Easy Application of Skunk Odor Neutralizer. Walk around and fog all areas or spray into HVAC intake with the fan on!
  • Fine mist floats in the air longer to kill odors. Gets in all the nooks and crannies!
  • 20-30 foot fog of micron size droplets gets into hard to reach areas like crawl spaces or under foundations.
  • Time saver! Complete coverage in less time.

Fogging Units also Available

30-Day Rental fogger also available!

Odor Remover for Households – Reviews

I have used the product for 10 years for skunk odor and smoke odor. It works very well. The customer service was excellent.

Marvin N – Maine
March 2018

 It is great for removing odors, even skunk

This is the second time I have purchased BioWorld Odor Neutralizer. I live on a farm and have several dogs. It is great for removing odors, even skunk.
Deborah – Iowa
March 2017

This product is awesome!

This product is awesome! I used it to eliminate the odor caused by skunk oil that our dog spread throughout our house. Using the fogger I rented, I was able to take care of the issue very quickly. I used it in the washing machine to wash blankets, towels and clothes. It even worked to bathe the dog,
Robert – San Diego CA
October 2016

Love this stuff!

Love this stuff! It really does work to eliminate that awful chlorine smell from my swimsuit. This is my second shipment and I plan to order more.
Jean – PA
April 2016

A Restoration of Peace

*3 week human and dog decomposition inside house.

The shipment arrived early the next day and we were able to put the fogger and BON to work that afternoon. We are appreciatative and impressed with the speed in getting the shipment to us. The technicians comments were that the fogger and BON work very well and the BON has a very pleasant smell.

Before using it, the techs had twice used an ozone machine set up overnight. The odor was still so bad, they had to wear respirators. After using the fogger and BON once, the odor was much improved and the environment was much more tolerable!

C.C. – CO
October, 2010

BON Eliminates Tear Gas Odors!

10 cans of tear gas had been shot into my home’s attic by the SWAT team.  Tear gas odor penetrated the entire home with major concentrations in the attic area and bedrooms.  The odors were so severe it was very difficult to enter the home.

I purchased BioWorld Odor Neutralizer Concentrate and rented a Triple Nozzle fogger from BioWorld Products.  They sent me specific application instructions with my order.  I followed the instructions and thoroughly fogged the entire home concentrating in the areas that were the worst.  I had to make three fogger applications of the BON to the entire house just as BioWorld had instructed me.  The work was well worth it!  After the third application, the tear gas odors were gone!  I am thrilled with BioWorld’s BON!  I will recommend the BON to everyone!


Sam – California
July, 2010

Dog Odor – Shelter

BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) & Pet Beverage
It was so nice of you to follow up and it is so great to hear from a fellow husky enthusiast. As I mentioned during my initial call, I was concerned about my husky’s unpleasant odor since it was so strong that my clothes smelt like doggie for the rest of the day after a 15 minute visit at the shelter!

She has been with us for 7 days now and our small backyard doesn’t smell like dog poop because I diluted the BON in a spray bottle and shoot it every other day over her potty area. Aside from putting Pet Beverage into the water, I also sprayed some of the diluted BON on a brush and brushed her down and it seems to be working like a charm and I was very happy I didn’t need to use much to get results.

I was told that some Siberians let out a peculiar scent under the coat and it is good to know that there is a product on the market that is effective, natural and not full of chemicals and/or masking perfumes. The instructions said that it can be applied directly to the animal which is perfect since my girl is itching and biting until the flea medication takes full effect. Misha is definitely looking shinier and I would like to think Pet Beverage has a lot to do with it although your product is well worth it for the deodorizing benefits alone.  Anyhow, thanks Joni for the great customer service.

Naomi – California
September, 2010

BON on Gasoline and Skunk!

We have used your BON Concentrate on both gas and skunk smells.  My husband sprayed the diluted solution on his hands after working on our car’s fuel system.  BON removed about 95% of the gasoline smell.  Nothing else has come close to this product.  We also put it in the laundry with the gasoline-smelling clothes.  The gas smell was gone!  We wish we had found this product back when my husband worked with diesel and gasoline on a daily basis.

Last week, we tried the product on skunk smell.  Same result–nearly all the smell came of my husband’s hands and it came out of clothes, too!  We haven’t yet tried it on the area where the skunk was, but at this point, I am thinking the smell will be greatly reduced.

We really like your product and will be telling our friends about it, too!

Sheri – Wyoming
April, 2010

BON Worked Wonders to Eliminate
Skunk Odor in our Home!

Our home smelled so bad of skunk odor that we had to temporarily move out. The BON Concentrate worked wonders to get rid of the skunk odor in our home!  BON completely eliminated the skunk odor and we were able to move back into our home.  The neighbors were skunked also, so we gave them the rest of the BON we had left so they could get rid of their skunk odor problem also!

Mary – Nebraska
March, 2009

Professional Dog Breeder/Dog Kennel Eliminates Odors!

I love the BON and Liquid Optimizer Plus!  These products really help to eliminate odors in my kennel buildings.  I also house my puppies in pens in my home and I use the BON there.  When my clients come to pick out their puppy, they are amazed there are no odors in my home with all those puppies!  I have used the BioWorld products since 2005 and have not seen any adverse effects of using these products around my dogs.

Darlene – Washington
November, 2008

Gymnastic Academy Eliminates Gym Odors!

The BON and fogger workes great for eliminating odors in my gym!  I started out fogging the BON every morning for 15 minutes in the building, then went to fogging every other day (I am going to try fogging every third day).  Even with fogging every other day, my building is still odor free!

Matt – New York
December, 2008

BON Resolved Odor Issues for
Production Line Equipment!

The production line equipment at our facility experienced a particular odor after a product run we needed to eliminate.  BON was selected to help eliminate the odor.  I have used the BON many times since I first received the shipment of BON.  I can tell you personally, I love your product.  It is just what I was looking for.  It makes my job a lot easier!  As long as I work at this facility, I will be using your product!

Arthur – California
November, 2008

Skunked Dog!

Forgive some of the stupidity in reaction to a skunk. Never in my life had this happened. I have a bad habit of leaving kitchen cupboards open, not closing them all the way.  The smell penetrated all the kitchen towels in a drawer. I stupidly dumped V-8 juice on the dog because I had nothing else before I purchased this product (BON Concentrate)  It was late at nite…I put the jug of juice back in the icebox of which permeated the whole icebox…wiping it down with this product removed the smell.  Her frothing at the mouth was pleasantly slung all over the curtain, and rugs and hardwood floors. Finally I found this product on the internet and it solved all my problems. I suffered days of airing the house, boiling coffee grounds…and I would come back home and the smell was there.  This product removed skunk odor from my dog, quilts, towels and curtains.  Between putting the product in the wash and spraying I finally got back to normal. Remember, if your dog touches or lays on anything after being sprayed….it will be a smelly problems.  Now I am not paranoid about it happening again…a must to have in your cupboard…cannot say enough about this product….you simply cannot remove skunk odor from  items as described without this product…trust me.  It will be the best purchase you will make before or after you dog is lucky enough to dance with a skunk.

LT – Kentucky, USA
October, 2008

BON Eliminated Dead Body Odors!

We discovered an unattended death in my rental home.  The deceased had been in the home for about two weeks before being found.  The odor was so terrible you could hardly walk into the home.  BON worked better than anything I tried for the dead body odor. It took several applications and I had to apply the BON under the house and everywhere I could possibly get it because the odor was so bad it had gone into the walls and under the house, but now thanks to BioWorld the odor is gone!

Fred – California
March, 2008

Perm Odor – “The Best”

I loved BON Concentrate.  I have been a hair stylist for 30 + years and I have never found a product that cures the smell of perms like this one!  This is “the best” product I have ever used.

You asked me what protocol I used …. Here it is:

  •     I followed the manufacturer’s perm instructions to a tee;
  •     With the perm rods still in, I thoroughly rinsed the hair and saturated the hair with BON (one and 3/4 ounce) and let it set for five minutes;
  •     Then, I thoroughly rinsed the hair (perm rods still in), then removed the perm rods and thoroughly rinsed the hair again.

Jo – Virginia
February 2009

Night Club has Great Success!

We have had great success using your product, and I highly recommend both the BioWorld Odor Neutralizer and Foggers.  We have determined that our venue faced odor problems during the hot summer and early fall.  We plan to continue ordering more products from you in the future.  Thank you for following up with me and for providing a great product and superior customer service.

Jessica – Texas
February 2007

“Your Product Did What You Said It Would Do!”

I Painted our bedroom over the weekend and used your BON Concentrate in the paint and I was pleasantly surprised. I try just about every new thing that comes along and before yours, they were totally worthless. Your product did what you said it would do. I never noticed any paint odor at all, just a pleasant fragrance from start to finish.

Glad I came across your web site!


Chemical Odors Gone

Loved the product (BON Concentrate) we got and it worked getting the chemical smells out of our basement!

December, 2009

Best Fogger – Saves Times!

Foggers I purchased have been the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. I have been applying pesticide products around windows inside homes. The Nozzle-L-Jet Foggers have saved me lots of time. What used to take me 40 minutes to apply now takes me 10 minutes to apply. They are easy to use and very durable. These are the best foggers I’ve ever come across!

Jeff – New Zealand
October, 2008

Your Product Works Great!

Your product works great!  I will be recommending your company to anyone looking for foggers and odor neutralizer products.

Miriam – Puerto Rico

Foul Odors Eliminated From Furniture!

The BON Concentrate did the job on our foul smelling piece of furniture.  We had to use it twice on the interior of the hutch…it took care of the exterior the first time.  It is wonderful to be able to use this truly lovely hutch now.  If I hadn’t found your website on-line, I would have smashed the hutch into small pieces with a mallet and taken care of the odor problem that way!

Seriously, thank you so much for making such a marvelous product and for answering my questions so promptly.  I will be sure to recommend your company and your products to my friends and family.

Michelle – Arkansas USA

Urine Smell out of Carpet!

Just want to say…WOW, I love the stuff, the odor neutralizer is GREAT.  We had trouble getting urine smell out of our carpet, and this sure does the job.  We have tried all kinds of solution and nothing worked.  Thanks for bringing this stuff into our lives!!! This is a MUST RECOMMENDATION for EVERYONE to BUY THIS STUFF!!!

DB – Washington USA
April 2001

Odor Control Works!

I am totally blown away by the BON!!!  This stuff works on everything, and I have impressed a number of people with demonstrations of this stuff.  One minute there is “cat odor”; a spray of BON, then the air smells like literally (and thankfully) nothing!  I am totally sold on this amazing stuff!  This is an awesome product!

Liz M – California USA

Eliminates Odors In Paint!

While painting the interior of my home, I applied the BioWorld Odor Neutralizer directly to the cans of paint I was using for the inside walls.  The BON worked great for eliminating the paint odors!  This is a remarkable product!

Mike – California USA

(Product used BioWorld Odor Neutralize Concentrate)

Eliminates Skunk Odors!

We want to thank you very much.  We called you with a skunk odor problem in our home, and the BioWorld Odor Neutralizer worked great!  It saved our life!  The skunk odor was the worst smell we ever experienced.  We want to thank you for all the help!

Steve and Tawnya – Georgia USA

(Product used BON Concentrate, Formally BON-CC-41)

No More Flip Flops in the Trash!

I have been using your product, BioWorld Odor Neutralizer Ready To Use (Spray) for many years now and have been very happy with it. It works for every bad odor I have come across. I especially love the product in the summer time for my flip flops. I used to go through several pairs a summer because they always started to smell, so I just threw them away. Now I just spray it on when they start to smell bad and let it sit over night and the next morning, the odor is gone. I have not found another product that works as well as this one. It is also saving me money, you can’t go wrong!

JB – California USA
July, 2008

Fishy Smell

I’m very happy with the results I’ve received from the BON-CC-41 (Now concentrate) from fish odors in my meat market!

Vladimir – New York USA
October, 2008

Skunk – Worst smell!

Yes, it (BON-CC-41 – Now Skunk Odor Neutralizer) worked nicely on the skunk smell, which I’m sure you know is the worst! I was lucky to find that support group on the internet that recommended your product. I will keep it on hand for future use and recommend it to our other country neighbors.

Janie – Texas
October, 2009

Oriental Rugs

I like BON! It works very well to clean oriental rugs.

Mohamad – Colorado
August, 2009

Tear Gas Odors

BON is working very well on the tear gas odors in the rental mobile home. The home was shot about 32 times with tear gas and shot up badly by police. We have fogged BON in the attic and inside all the rooms and now we can actually enter the house to clear and repair the damage. Before, the odor was so bad we could not.

C.A. – Nevada
February, 2009

Petroleum Odor Neutralized!

The Liquid Optimizer Plus was extremely effective in neutralizing the petroleum odor at our site. Thanks!

Mason – California
December, 2009