Project Situation

When a real estate agent places a home on the market, first impressions can make or break a sale. If annoying smoke or pet odors exist, potential buyers can be turned off.

One agent sought out environmentally friendly odor control to eliminate pet and smoke odors. BioWorld was contacted to provide odor control services prior to listing the house.

Products/Technology Used

#O41326     BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON), 1 liter

#F8026       Triple Nozzle Fogger


Diluted BON was fogged in the home using a F8026 Triple Nozzle Fogger. Staff was careful to thoroughly fog all areas of the home. Extra care was taken in fogging BON in the worst areas. BON was also fogged into the HVAC air intake register with the filter removed and the fan on. The key was getting micron sized droplets into every nook and cranny where smoke particles and pet dander existed. Several applications were needed to eventually get rid of the odors. The agent was extremely pleased with the results as the house sold and closed escrow.