Beef Slaughterhouse Odors Eliminated

A beef slaughterhouse generates 1 million gallons per day of wastewater containing animal fats and grease which empties into several lagoons. An enzyme-based product was used for several years in an attempt to digest solids and reduce odors, but limited success was observed. The influent lagoon was anaerobic and several feet thick with grease and fats. After 6-8 months of biweekly BioWorld Waste & Odor Treatment in conjunction with agitation, the solids had been significantly reduced, odors were eliminated, and aerobic digestion was established.


Wastewater Lagoon From a Beef Slaughtering Facility


20 foot deep pond was covered by grease, fat and dried blood that was 6 feet thick on the inlet and 3 feet thick on the outlet end.  The water is pumped for irrigation on an alfalfa field. The facility received many odor complaints.

BioWorld products were applied to degrade the waste material and the surface crust began to break up.

#35054 – BioWorld Liquid Optimizer
#36086 – BioWorld General Blend Microbes


BioWorld Wastewater Treatment Products were applied every week for 8 weeks.


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