Vault Toilet Treatment

Eliminate Odors and Control Vault Toilet Wastewater!



Our Septic treatment products offer an effective solution to long term septic pumping problems, allowing you to pump less. BioWorld never stops working with regular treatments using our monthly maintenance program. This is the same industrial strength product used in large scale wastewater treatment projects.

Prolong the Need to Call your Pumping Service

BioWorld is formulated to break down today’s complex wastewater issues including solids, grease, fats, oils, foods, toilet paper, detergents, toilet bowl and some cleaning products, leaving only a small amount of non-biodegradable sludge.



Available in Two Formulations

BioWorld Septic Treatment:

  1. Liquid Optimizer – Helps microbes to reproduce and thrive; and
  2. General Blend Microbes – a dry formulation of organic waste degrading microbes.
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