Wetland Wastewater Case Study

A fruit processor discharges wastewater to a 1 acre constructed wetland. Peroxyacetic acid is used in spray bars and brushes to clean the fruit. Wastewater is collected in a dump tank and calcium hypochlorite is added. The chlorine is neutralized before discharging the wastewater to the wetland. There is a continual flow of water through the spray bars and twice weekly emptying of the 3,000 gallon dump tank. BOD readings up to 200 mg/l were causing compliance issues. A target BOD level of below 30 mg/l was required.

BioWorld Wastewater Treatment products consisting of Liquid Optimizer and General Blend Microbes were applied with every dump tank discharge.   After a month, BOD readings were reduced to 24 mg/l and the wastewater achieved compliance. On-going treatments have maintained low BOD readings in the constructed wetland wastewater.

BioWorld products used:
S86386 Septic/Wastewater Treatment Case consisting of Liquid Optimizer and General Blend Microbes

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