Israel Oil Spill Pilot Test

In December, 2014, about 600,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from a breached pipeline in the Eilat region of Southern Israel. The spill covered an area 5 miles in length in the desert region. The Ministry of Environmental Protection called the event one of the worst environmental disasters in the country’s history. See Photo 1.

The Israeli Ministry chose several companies for demonstration testing to clean up the spill. BioWorld teamed up with their Israeli dealer, EH Green Products, on the project. We were given a 100 square meter area to perform bioremediation of the contaminated soil.

BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment was added twice over a month to the soil. No discing or turning of the soil was done. Moisture content was maintained by adding water through a sprinkler system in this remote area.  See Photo 2.

After 2 months, the TPH and TPH Diesel concentrations were reduced by over 96%. See Table 1

BioWorld products used:

75064 Bioremediation Enhancer
32055 Hydrocarbon Digester Microbes

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