Rail Yard Oil Spill Cleanup

railroad yard

Project Situation
A rail company requested in-situ treatment of diesel contaminated soil at a rail switch yard. Dig and haul was not possible at this operating switch yard. The contaminated area encompassed about 6,000 square feet. Depth to groundwater was about 10 feet. Initial TPH Diesel concentrations ranged from 7,890 ppm to 21,300 ppm. The goal was to reduce the TPH Diesel concentration to appropriate State risk based screening levels.

Products/Technology Used
75064 Bioremediation Enhancer
32055 Hydrocarbon Digester Microbes

BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment was added twice over a couple of months to the soil. No discing or turning of the soil was done. Moisture content was only provided by average rainfall. After 8 months, the TPH Diesel concentration was reduced to 231 – 422 ppm, a 97% reduction. The State accepted the results and issued a closure letter to the rail company.

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