Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Test Results

BioWorld is the greatest of all products tested and 96.1% of the initial concentration of oil was degraded by the end of the study.

BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment was added to weathered oil from the Gulf. A 100% reduction in alkanes and a 85.1% reduction in PAHs were demonstrated over 28 days.  Note the reduction in alkane oil concentrations after only 1 week in the GC-MS scans below.

The BioChem Strike Team (BCST) consists of experts from British Petroleum, Louisiana State University, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, US Coast Guard, California Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team and highly experienced oil spill response consultants.

BCST completed testing of 10 commercial products listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule including BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment (BHT) – a dual bioremediation product consisting of a bioremediation enhancer and an adapted microbe amendment. BHT is also licensed in California as an oil spill cleanup agent.

Laboratory studies conducted to evaluate the efficacy of NCP-listed bioremediation agents on Macondo oil recovered from Louisiana marshes. The study demonstrates the capability to accelerate biodegradation strategies to minimize the toxicological legacy of the spill over time.

BioWorld Products used:
75064 Bioremediation Enhancer
32055 Hydrocarbon Digester Microbes

Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 10.52.07 AM

Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 10.52.29 AM

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