Gasoline in Groundwater

Underground storage tanks were removed from an old service station in the mid 1990’s. Gasoline had leaked out of the tanks and contaminated the shallow groundwater. An engineering firm was hired to begin the cleanup and 6 monitoring wells were installed. After 7 years of monitoring, there were no changes in the analytical tests and the firm was released. BioWorld teamed up with a progressive and innovative engineering firm determined to clean up the groundwater.

B Oakland 3-9-02-1BioWorld designed a specialized pump and treat system and procedure using the existing monitoring wells. The site work and cleanup had to be performed with the existing auto sales business operating on the property.

BioWorld Bioremediation Enhancer and Hydrocarbon Digesting Microbes were added several times down the monitoring wells. Within 5 days, 8 inches of free floating product had been degraded. Treatment continued for 3 months with a 90% reduction in dissolved phase gasoline constituents verified.

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