Bilge Water on Ships

Bilge_wellMarine vessels have bilges where excess water and oily wastes can collect. Dumping hazardous oily bilge water directly into the water is illegal and can harm marine life.

Bilge water on ships is usually managed in one of two ways:

  1. retained onboard in a holding tank and discharged later to a reception facility on shore, or
  2. treated onboard with an oil-water separator.

A third option now exists – treat hazardous waste directly in the bilge water with an environmentally safe “green” alternative – BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment – and produce non-hazardous by-products! BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment is listed on the US EPA NCP Product Schedule and licensed by the State of California Dept of Fish and Game for oil spill cleanups.

BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment Technology BioWorld uses a scientific combination of bioenhancement compounds, nutrients, enzymes and hydrocarbon digesting microbes to safely degrade and eliminate petroleum hydrocarbons.

Simply add BioWorld’s 2-part product directly into the bilge water to digest the oily waste then discharge the water as non-hazardous waste. Reduce your liability!
Save time and money!

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