Cannabis Odor Control Case Study

Project Situation

With the legalization of marijuana in several states (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, etc.), production of cannabis in greenhouses has been on the rise. County ordinances within each state usually require an odor control system to prevent unreasonable interference of a neighbor’s use of their property.

Cannabis greenhouses operate with high volume ventilation exhaust fans. At a growing operation in Oregon, a drum mounted fogger was set up to inject diluted odor neutralizer directly into the exhaust air stream.

Products/Technology Used

#O41014 BioWorld Odor Neutralizer Concentrate

#DT8246 Pow-R-Fog Plus Drum Mounted Fogger


With the fogger turned off, the growing plant smell was evident. Once the fogger was turned on, diluted BON was fogged into the greenhouse exhaust air stream and no plant smell was noticed. The fogger was subsequently wired into the exhaust fan control system. In this way, the fogger operates whenever the fans are turned on. Our client is extremely pleased with these results.

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