Fire and Smoke Odor Case Study

Project Situation

In 2017, California wildfires ravaged Napa, Sonoma and Ventura Counties. Sadly, hundreds of homes were lost to the fires. However, a number of homes were fortunate enough to survive the fires but had severe smoke damage.

Several homeowners sought out environmentally friendly odor control to eliminate smoke odors.  BioWorld was contacted to provide BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) and F8026 Triple Nozzle Foggers to resolve the smoke odor situations.

Products/Technology Used

O41014       BioWorld Odor Neutralizer Concentrate, 1 gallon

F8026         Triple Nozzle Fogger


Diluted BON was fogged in the homes by using the F8026 Triple Nozzle Fogger.  Clients were careful to thoroughly fog all areas of their homes. Extra care was taken in fogging and concentrating BON in the worst areas of the homes.  The key was to get micron sized droplets into every nook and cranny where smoke particles existed. Several applications were needed to eventually get rid of the smoke smell. Our clients were extremely pleased with the results.

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