Mercaptan Odor Pipeline Cleaning Case Study

Project SituationOil Pipeline Mercaptan Odor Control

A major oil company in the Gulf Coast was preparing to perform hydro blast cleaning of product and vent lines. Their concern was strong mercaptan odors escaping during the cleaning process. BioWorld was contacted on a Thursday morning to provide a solution for the strong odor. Later that same day, 120 gallons of BON-CC-41 concentrate was shipped by overnight delivery. The products arrived on Friday, in time for the scheduled cleaning to begin on Saturday.

Products/Technology Used

#41064 BioWorld Odor Neutralizer BON-CC-41 Concentrate 6 Gallon Units


BON CC-41 was added into the hydro blast water and used on the smelliest vent lines. Both the cleaning contractor personnel and oil company personnel were very surprised by how well small amounts of BON CC-41 worked in controlling the mercaptan odors. Workers continued to add BON CC-41 into the hydro blast water until the vent line cleaning process was completed.

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