Fruit Wastewater Odor Case Study

Prior to peak processing season, a fruit processing facility wanted to reline a 12 million gallon wastewater storage basin containing about 8 million gallons of wastewater. Their concern was odors generated during the transfer of the wastewater into a larger storage basin. The transfer flow rate was 1,200 gallons per minute for 6 hours a day (approximately 432,000 gpd). BioWorld recommended using Liquid Optimizer Plus, a bioenhancement liquid with added odor neutralizing compounds. Two gallons per hour of Optimizer Plus (25 ppm) was metered into the wastewater during the 20 day transfer process.

Products/Technology Used


During the wastewater transfer, Optimizer Plus helped accelerate digestion of organic matter and neutralize odors at the same time. Odors associated with the wastewater transfer were non-existent. The transfer was completed and the storage basin was relined in a timely manner in preparation for the peak processing season.

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