Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Odor Control

Project Situation

Four_colors_of_pillsA pharmaceutical company recently introduced a new manufacturing technique to increase production capacity of a popular medication. Unfortunately, the organic waste from the process created unpleasant odors. Because the wastewater was run through a sewer system containing vents through the large manufacturing plant, employees working at the facility began to complain.

BioWorld was contacted to provide a solution. We created a plan to use a small peristaltic pump to drip Optimizer Plus directly into the wastewater stream before the waste was discharged into the sewer system.

Products/Technology Used

  • W55055 – BioWorld Liquid Optimizer Plus (55 Gallon)
  • Variable-Speed Peristaltic Tubing Pump


Once the odor control plan was implemented, complaints about the odor stopped. An informal survey was performed among employees throughout the manufacturing plant and nothing but positive feedback was received. The company has decided to use this odor control solution at 2 more manufacturing plants.

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