Paint Manufacturer Odor Control Case Study

Project Situationeco-friendly-paint

A paint manufacturer sought out environmentally friendly additives for odor reduction in a new low odor, low VOC paint formulation. BioWorld was contacted to provide BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) for research and development to meet the Green Seal Standard for Paints. An indepth evaluation was completed on BON as an ingredient into the new formulation.

Products/Technology Used
#41064 BioWorld Odor Neutralizer BON-CC-41 Concentrate

The new environmentally friendly paint containing BON received Green Seal certification and production was scaled up. The paint was also tested and certified to meet State of California regulations regarding low VOC emissions and indoor air quality. The paint manufacturer is one of only two manufacturers receiving compliant materials listing related to the Collaborative for High Performance. BON continues to be used as a key component in the formulation.

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