NASA Lab Chemical Odor Control

Project Situation

An accidental chemical spill took place in a 4-story NASA office complex in Florida. The incident took place on a late Friday afternoon and the building was evacuated. The chemical had been safely removed and the Industrial Hygienist had determined that the facility was completely safe to be reoccupied by the workers yet the odor still lingered. The building windows and doors were opened to circulate the air but the odor remained. The concern was that the employees would object to working in the facility due to perceived health issues. The Environmental Health Manager located BioWorld via the internet, called for information, and requested immediate shipping of the BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) and a fogging unit. FedEx delivered the product on Saturday morning. A 5-gallon unit of BON was fogged into the HVAC intake for approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Products/Technology Used

  • BioWorld Odor Neutralizer BON-CC-41 Concentrate
  • Triple Nozzle Fogger


The odors were completely mitigated and the facility was in condition to be reoccupied without losing any workdays.

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